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Houston Metallurgical Laboratory, Inc. provides the turnaround that prevents downtime and expedites your shipment of material worldwide.

This capability is supported by the fact Houston Metallurgical Laboratory, Inc. is one of the few facilities in the Southwest that uses state-of-the-art analytical equipment. Over the year Houston Metallurgical Laboratory, Inc. has obtained more and more high technology equipment in an effort to provide you with the most accurate data possible. These sophisticated systems and machines require fewer personnel to operate which, along with the enhanced capabilities of the equipment, cumulatively delivers your results more cost-effectively.

In addition, numerous pieces of our equipment have been duplicated in an effort to ensure accuracy, turnaround, and have enhanced our ability to perform multiple production testing tasks simultaneously. For example, Houston Metallurgical Laboratory, Inc. maintains two Charpy impact testers and two tensile testers at all times.

The links below will provide you a complete list of our services as well as a photographic tour of our facility.

Complete List of Services
Complete List of Equipment
Mechanical Test Laboratory
Photography Room
Polishing Room
Optics Room
Chemical Test Laboratory
Machine Shop

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