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Houston Metallurgical Laboratory, Inc. originally opening in 1979. Ronald Richter, current President, was one of the first two employees. They performed the machining, testing, typing and invoicing. These two individuals knew that if they developed the best Q.A. Program, the most efficient production system, and developed a rapid turnaround for providing the client with the data needed, it would pave the way for success and growth.

The client base started in January 1979 with 6 clients and in 1984 escalated to over 560 active clients. Client base consisted in 1979 of a local geographic base and in 1984 expanded to the entire North American continent. In 1979 the client base consisted of primarily forging and flange manufacturers. By 1984 the diversified client base included automotive, locomotive, aerospace, military, government, petro-chemical, electronic, food industry, commodities, medical, construction, fabrication, farm industry and nuclear. The variety of test ranged from artificial medical implants to automotive wheels, beer cans, jewelry, electronic circuit boards, space shuttle components to nuclear submarine parts.

One of the most successful areas in regards to quality and production was the approval and award of contracts form Bechtel Energy coming from the construction of South Texas Nuclear Power Plant (STNP) in Wadsworth, Texas for Houston Lighting & Power. This resulted in world-wide exposure in the area of nuclear related projects and utility firms.

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